How are your Boundaries?

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How are your Boundaries?

Post  Kat on Tue Dec 11, 2012 12:57 am


Boundaries define who we are. They establish ‘what is me’ and ‘what isn’t me.’

Personal Boundaries help us create ownership and protection of ourselves. Boundaries are our personal security.
We know that not just anyone can open the front door of our home, walk inside, go to the fridge, grab whatever they want and plonk on our couch. We know that if someone tries to steal our car, it’s illegal. We know people are not allowed to access our bank accounts and use our funds for their purposes, unless we grant consent.
Most people are very aware of boundaries for material objects, yet struggle to realise the importance of implementing emotional, physical, spiritual and mental boundaries for self.
What would happen if you came from a different society where individuals shared all of their resources and knew no different? You might get a shock! You may not know how to function in this new society. You may wander into someone else's back yard and start helping yourself to their veggie patch. Imagine if you didn’t know the rules for the boundaries of your home, car, personal belongings or bank account. Maybe you would go around life allowing many people to take what was yours without batting an eyelid.
How many of us have never known the ‘rules’ of our personal well-being, and how not to allow life and others to intrude, steal or damage our personal power? How many of us have never known how to respect other people’s boundaries and simply thought we were ‘doing the right thing’? How many of us have been damaging ourselves and others simply because we haven’t understood the ownership and stewardship that every individual has over the possession of their own life?


Let’s look at the term – ‘Ownership’...
Our spiritual and self-mastery journey requires ‘owning’ ourselves. This includes owning the responsibility of creating and enforcing our own boundaries. Because (as always) it’s no one else’s job!
If we’re confused about our ownership and perimeters of self, it’s logical to realise others are going to be very confused about where our boundaries do or don’t lie. How can we expect them to honour us? This confusion can create great pain and even devastation, just as having poor perimeters of our homes, cars or bank accounts would.
By having a healthy, functioning boundary, we know when to open the door to good, and when to close the door to bad.
How do we activate our door correctly? By using the words and actions that state "YES" to open the door, and the words and actions that state "NO" to close it.

(by Melanie Tonia Evans)
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