Why are you - here?

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Why are you - here?

Post  MoonChild on Wed May 06, 2015 9:22 pm

Online discussion forums have been a hot stuff way back in early 2000's till mid 2000's but since after 2004-2005 with the push of social networking platform, numerous active and menaingful communities have been "dead" - some are breathing in some air to survive. Past 3 years have seen a major shift in people deserting the "social networking" model - though many are still hanging onto it for the mere reason to stay connected.

I for one, prefer and would promote active meaningful discussions in discussion communities, than social networking sites. (LinkedIn for one, have merged both the models though).

This forum, gives me new promise to be actively sharing my thoughts. I am still active on another paranormal board, despite the proactive discussions are on an all time low - but things seems to be picking up slowly, but surely.

So my reason to be here, is definitely to indulge and have meaninfgul proactive, knowledgeable discussions.!!



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Re: Why are you - here?

Post  Kat on Tue May 12, 2015 12:52 am

What a great idea for a thread Moonie - and thanks for your view. I am not a fan of the snapchat and other brief contact type sites. I like the fact that forums give people a chance to express themselves at length and share alot more about how they arrived at their current thought pattern and also exposing others to the depth of their knowledge. One thing I have noticed is that no one person has all the answers, but instead there are crumbs of knowledge scattered amongst us all. Then there is the resonance factor - something someone says awakens something dormant in another.

I understand time is a factor too so many won't visit every day or even regularly - just when they have the time, and that's ok. The info and posts here won't be gone in ten seconds if you don't! lol I am one of those who is pretty busy right now but I will make it back regularly to participate. I think the era we live in NOW is important and so much needs to be said and shared. For nothing else than to help people feel less alone or confused. Hope comes through Knowledge and understanding.


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